XRAYing Facebook

Sharing my thought process building this Xray for Facebook

site:facebook[.]com -groups -posts “to present” Keyword Location

First question: What am I looking for?
I’m searching for HR people in Belgium.

site:facebook[.]com HR Belgique
No good. Too many wrong results.
I need to narrow it down.

I search for a repeating pattern in wrong result’s.
Notice, they often contain groups or posts.

site:facebook[.]com -groups -posts HR Belgique
Better, but still too many bad results.
I need to narrow it down more.

I’m searching for the “about” section.
What’s a keyword always in the “about” section?
Best one: “à aujourd’hui”
If it is in a result, it implies:
1. I am on a profile
2. The person filled out the job section

site:facebook[.]com -posts -groups “à aujourd’hui” HR Belgique
Boom! 2010 profiles!

Good, but a bit tight.
Notice, results are limited to fr-fr[.]facebook url.
I’ll widen by searching in English.

site:facebook[.]com -groups -posts “to present” HR belgium
16000 profiles! Gotcha!

1. Results differ if #Xray is in English or in local language.
Do both searches
2. Fill in your own job section with what you’re looking for.
Use what Facebook proposes as keywords .
3. Let google semantic do it’s thing.

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